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15 Best Freelance Writing Sites

To help connect freelance employees with potential gigs, freelance platforms exist. These sites may be devoted to general freelance all-in-one work or specialized niches. There are independent websites that include Fiverr, 99Designs, DesignCrowd, and DesignHill for graphic designers. For general skills, such as WordPress management, social media marketing, and data entry, there are also freelance markets. Sites such as Toptal and Gigster also appeal to freelance developers of apps, finance experts, and project managers. Here, for writers searching for new clients and gigs, we’ve put together a list of the best freelance writing sites. The platforms allow freelancers to search for part-time work as well as full-time work. They are also ideal for various skill levels, so if you’re just starting or are an industry professional, you will find a new writing opportunity.

1.     Upwork

One of the most common places for freelancers is Upwork, formerly known as Odesk. For web designers, content development professionals, and freelance authors, the marketplace features work listings. On projects that are short-term or long-term agreements, writers may bid. Because previous work on the web helps to develop your reputation, the site is easier for experts to use. That doesn’t mean the web shouldn’t be used by entry-level authors.

You’ll need to be patient and submit tons of proposals before landing a gig if you’re just starting. However, your hard work will pay off as you begin to work with customers and develop a reputation on the web as an expert writer. If you are providing logo design or content creation services, you can list an hourly rate or fixed cost for projects. Upwork takes a percentage of the salary of the freelance writer, so when sending bids, make sure to factor this in.

2.     iWriter

IWriter is one of the best freelance writing sites, making it easier for newcomers to find potential customers. You will need to fill out a questionnaire and fill in two short 250-word writer prompts to enter. You will be able to choose from writing jobs and start attracting new customers, based on your performance. As standard authors, most writers begin and work their way up. You will gain more cash per project when you raise your writing level and skills.

3.     FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a work board that allows potential customers and writing gigs to be sought by talented authors. The advantage of FlexJobs is that they screen and check all of the freelance job listings. That means there’s no need for you to think about scams or low-paying gigs. You’ll need to sign up for a paid subscription to gain access to the work information in order to use the platform. From virtual assistants to search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, high-quality web designers, copywriters, software development engineers, and coders, this platform provides a wide variety of freelance gigs.

4.     BloggingPro

BloggingPro provides an online work platform that allows organizations to find freelance talent. This job board does not have a screening procedure, unlike FlexJobs, so you will need to investigate possible openings yourself to prevent scams. For a 30-day work ad, businesses pay $30 and freelancers may use the site to search and apply for positions for free. The website is exclusively dedicated to freelance writers and has no opportunities for freelance designers or other creative professionals. In addition to freelance writing work, the site provides postings for editing and publishing jobs.

5.     Guru

One of the best freelance writing sites to find freelance work is Guru. For new customers to see the type of content you make, you should build a writing profile and feature past works. The site also allows you to set your regular rate quickly, making the process of recruiting and onboarding easier. You can select skills and knowledge such that your profile appears with your history in searches by companies searching for freelance service providers.

6. is a career board that publishes job openings at small companies and larger businesses for authors. Freelancer allows authors to apply on assignments, much like Upwork. Some of these initiatives are one-time gigs, while others will have months of work.

7.     People-Per-Hour

A work platform close to Fiverr is People-Per-Hour. It makes it possible for freelancers to sign up and build profiles that sell their writing services. To help move projects down the pipeline, the platform makes it easy to review bids and offers and also includes built-in contact channels. The website also runs design competitions where, when vying for projects, designers can show off their design work.

8.     Craigslist

Craigslist isn’t the highest-quality work site, but you might be able to find writing jobs to help pay the bills with hard work and determination. You’ll have to sift through scams and low-paying work, but you can also find writing gigs that help develop your portfolio with adequate effort. These findings are often restricted to your area, so opportunities can be terrifying depending on where you live. Think of Craigslist as a platform that can help fill out your portfolio and find side jobs or opportunities.

9.     The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder is a Growth Machine company that helps to connect business owners with content development authors. At all ability levels, they’re always searching for fresh writing talent. Freelance writers will register on their websites to join the database of writers. With future writing opportunities that might be a good match for your skillset, they will reach out.

10.    Constant Content

Constant Content is a writing agency that helps organizations find writers from social media posts to blog articles to create web content. The website has a database of more than 100,000 professional authors who have provided more than 50,000 companies with content.

Start by building a profile that illustrates your expertise and writing skills from the past. Next, apply for projects that fit your niche of writing and desired cost. You will build a reputation and long-term relationships with brands while you work on the platform. The harder you practice, the easier it is possible to advance your career in digital marketing and writing.

11.    Wordbroker

Another writing agency that helps authors to find new customers is Textbroker. Signing up for the web as a writer is entirely free and gives you access to thousands of jobs in writing. The platform also manages payments and provides project management software that makes it simple and productive to collaborate with customers. The website also provides authors with access to writing tools so that you can develop their abilities and get feedback on the material you create.

12.    Writer Access

Writer Access is a website where content can be commissioned by businesses. More than 15,000 authors have produced white papers, case studies, blog posts, and more on the website. The platform also features handy tools that can support site creation and keyword analysis for business owners.

You must live in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, or the United Kingdom to participate. By creating a profile and taking a writing test, you can begin. Before linking you with possible writing gigs, experts can then check your experience and proficiency.

13.    Self Publishing School

The aim of the Self Publishing School is to help authors become self-published writers. Have you ever contemplated writing your memoirs or even a how-to book in your area of expertise? These guys will support you from developing your writing skills and knowing the creation of books to marketing and launching your love labors every step of the way. They have many resources on their freelance writing sites, including a generator of book titles and a calculator of book royalties, as well as free workshops to help you learn more about what it takes to write a novel by yourself.


The Job Board was founded in 1997 and includes journalism, content, copywriting, and blogging gigs from around the world, including sites such as Indeed, Craigslist, and BloggingPro! No signup is needed, just browse through their handpicked list of available jobs and filter by source, skills required, location, keyword, and date added (including remote freelance writing jobs). Another nice thing about Freelance Writing’s website is that they also have a web-based list of writing competitions. These are perfect for beginners wondering how to get started with freelance writing because by creating pieces for this content, you can create your portfolio.

You might also win and gain some real money doing it! The only real downside at the end of the day is one that you can notice in just about every writing workboard: there is no standardized procedure to submit an application, get hired, and get paid. As the name suggests, there are a lot of blogging-related gigs here, but there are other possibilities as well, so it’s worth putting on your “checklist,” even if blogging isn’t what gets you moving.

15.    Contena

Contena is one of the widely used freelance writing sites for premium freelance writing that strives to be more than “just another job board.” It is one of the top suggestions for sites for freelance writing. Next, they have what they call their “writing job finder” that gathers from across the web the best freelance writing jobs automatically. You can then check and filter through them to find the best possibilities, whether that’s a full-time eBook writing gig of $10,000 a month or a one-off blog post in the sports niche.

That saves you a lot of time trying to find work at a bunch of different places. But by showing you only the jobs that suit your requirements, such as prices and niche, their notifications emails, sent to your inbox daily, save you even more time. Some of the other features make this one of the best websites for beginners and veterans alike for freelance writing:

  • Courses: Learn how to start writing freelance on a weekend and then continue to expand afterward.
  • Coaching: Access to pro assistance to step up your freelance career in writing
  • Pro Rates: This shows you the average prices authors receive so that your work can be priced accordingly.
  • Publish: With its beautiful and easy-to-use tools, it lets you create your portfolio.

They provide such high-quality work, even though you need to apply and pay for their platform that it easily pays for itself.

Advice for Freelance Writers

Also, the most experienced freelancers are advised to maintain a steady schedule for sending pitches or applications for new work. Especially when you’re just getting started, you’re going to have to play the game of numbers to some degree. And the world’s best authors won’t have a flawless rate of success in converting applications into jobs into work. The more you pitch, the more the numbers will work in your favor, and the more you will develop the power and trust you need to keep going. And even though you have a certain client job, keep pitching and keep applying.

New jobs are posted every day, and your tasks will finish at some stage or your customers may no longer need support. The more experienced you are at pitching, the more you are used to it, and the more you will be prepared. Some of the best freelance writing websites on our list are really just job boards, places where you can apply for work, without registration required. These are certainly nice to have as they are easy to use and give you that much more chance to find the right match on your list of places to look for jobs.

The Final Analysis

These freelance writing sites will help you find the job you’re looking for, whether you want to make some extra money or turn writing into a full-time career. Job boards are a perfect place for seeking jobs and applying for them. There are also built-in payment processing systems in marketplaces so that you never think about invoicing or losing a payment.

These websites for freelancers are also excellent opportunities for individuals looking to recruit freelancers to get work done. Writing agencies help link freelance authors to companies searching for the production of content. These agencies keep your details on file and constantly reach out with new possibilities, ensuring you still know when a new opportunity matches your skillset.

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