Buzzsumo – How To Use It, And Similar Platforms

BuzzSumo is a social networking curation as well as an analytics tool created for the requirements of content marketers. It scours the web for information dependent on queries and creates a report for the enquirer, influenced by social shares and likes.

Content marketers are able to use BuzzSumo to analyze common content in a niche. Its complicated interpersonal search engine finds probably the most shared articles for any domain, author, and niche.

This provides you with a perception of what content type resonates nicely with your audience. You are able to utilize the expertise to produce relevant and effective information, and also bring insight into the content’s good results on social networking sites.

Additionally, you are able to track competitors’ content results as well as spot vital influencers in your field. Next, you are able to link up, follow, and evaluate these high influencers to grow your audience.

BuzzSumo Benefits

Robust Social Search Engine

Include BuzzSumo in your social advertising method to find out about all trending posts. The platform provides you with access to famous content that’s hot in the market. You can use the end result to create attention-grabbing content yourself and widen your follower base.

Generate content that is relevant

About half the information generated for an advertising plan isn’t used by marketers. This’s since the written content isn’t pertinent to advertising requirements or perhaps is actually not worth discussing with the target market. BuzzSumo assists content creators as well as curators to produce content that’s applicable to the demands of marketers. This saves a great deal of time and resources as the written content is shared as well as published rather than being delivered to the garbage bin.

Get alerts on competitors

BuzzSumo informs what channels and sources the competitors of yours are using to interact with their target audience of theirs. This provides you with a jump start and also you are able to access and utilize those resources before your competitors of yours do. Therefore, you might be a crucial influencer in the specific market. Additionally, you are able to personalize the application to get alerts when a selected keyword gets to a set threshold. This simplifies your social marketing analysis of yours.


  • Complex information filters
  • Thorough social media analytics
  • Content material creators’ details
  • Personalized alerts
  • Information exports
  • Good content curation
  • Wide-open API offered
  • Personalized interface
  • Social networking content insights


Unfortunately, there is a catch with all these features, namely the prices.

The smallest and cheapest plan would cost you 99$ a month. This plan is limited to Content Analysis Reports, Domain Reports, Influencer Searches, and Backlinks.

You’d have to pay about 300$ a month to get access to the full amazing features such as Facebook and YouTube Analyzer.

BuzzSumo Alternatives

As we mentioned earlier, the pricing could be too much for the majority of small businesses or individual website owners.

This is why we found a few alternatives that would do the job just fine with more than a few bucks to spare, well except the first one of course.

1. Ahrefs

This’s probably the closest you are able to go to an’ essential’ application in case you are a major SEO professional or a content marketer.

Ahrefs covers the main aspects of SEO including keyword preparation, backlink analysis, content discovery, and competitor analysis.

The strongest point of it is an in-depth SEO repository updated every fifteen minutes to help keep you updated on the newest changes on the internet. For instance, Ahrefs’ Content Explorer finds five million new things daily.

All of this comes with a price tag, a big one. Starting at 99$ per month is the basic plan, but this platform offers way more than BuzzSumo when it comes to the technical part of search engine optimization.

Most blog and website owners would consider Ahrefs kind of complicated and don’t care for most of its features. To those, I’d recommend NOT using your money on it if you don’t think you need it.

2. Social Animal

Social Animal is a well worthy BuzzSumo alternative and there are reasons that this particular platform tops the summary of substitutes.

It uses natural language processing as well as machine learning methods. Because of this, Social animals can still get an insight into what helps make good content tick.

Needless to say, it provides other core characteristics. For instance, the Content Research feature enables you to see content keywords, evaluate high-performing posts, evaluate content titles, and obtain article shares throughout networks.

One other characteristic which sets this particular platform apart from the others will be the Deep Keyword Search. It allows searching within the content body even though the great majority of various other platforms just allow title search.

The basic plan has the same limitations as the BuzzSumo’s, priced at 41$ a month.

3. is a user-friendly and powerful instrument for content creation.

It works by crawling millions of website pages on a regular basis and then organizing their material based on the most relevant things.

This causes it to be simple for most people to edit, share relevant content, and filter.

The most expensive plan has to offer will cost you 67$.


For small and medium business organizations, it is often a serious challenge to locate a strong content marketing and advertising solution that will meet your requirements and also be budget-friendly.

The tools described above could possibly help you attain a good substitute for the pricier market players as BuzzSumo.


Perhaps you have noticed the stated platforms in action? Would you know of any other platforms that would make the list more complete? Let us know in the comments below!

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