Top Page Builder for WordPress in 2022

Initially, WordPress was simply an online platform for blogging. Later, it advanced into a comprehensive open-source content management system. Millions of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. If you want to publish a website using a top website builder or you are looking for some unique tools to customize your website, then read this article till the end. This article will help you to find the top page builder for WordPress development 2021.

It is quite simple to build or modify a WordPress website. All you need is to start working with the perfect drag and drop website builder. It would be great if you found an ideal WordPress page builder to build or alter pages on your WordPress website. We will provide you with the list of the top page builder for WordPress development in 2021.

Elementor Website Builder

Elementor is a famous WordPress website builder. It has remarkable features, and that’s why it is on our list of the top page builder for WordPress development to make your life easy in 2021. The best thing about this WordPress website builder is that its free version provides many versatile features. The features it offers in the free version are quite similar to most of the paid features of another WordPress website builder.

Main Features of Elementor

Elementor is a leading WordPress website builder. If you want to have a designer’s touch on your WordPress website, then you should use the Elementor website builder. With Elementor, it is easy to master the art of WordPress website development. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable features of Elementor:

  • It comes with a theme builder.
  • There is also an option for popup builder.
  • You can perform in-line text editing.
  • It provides abundant templates and blocks.
  • There are many widgets for WordPress websites.

Elementor Pros

  • It is a simple drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Elementor provides instant live edit and page load.
  • There is a user-friendly interface.
  • You can build customizable websites.
  • It works on every WordPress theme.

Elementor Cons

  • There is no schema for header builder.
  • At times, developers experience bugs.
  • There are not enough options in the template library.

Divi Builder

Divi is another productive WordPress page builder that can give a designer’s touch to your website. It is an easy-to-operate drag-and-drop website builder. The best part is that both novice users and professionals enjoy using it.

This builder gives you the power to create astonishing designs for your website. Divi is a highly rated WordPress page builder, and it is undoubtedly the top page builder for WordPress development to make your life easy in 2021.

Main Features of Divi Builder

With this WordPress page builder, you need no knowledge of coding or complex back-end options. It is convenient to use and gives you full control to develop your website. Divi comes with many unique features that every website developer demands:

  • Divi is a front-end WordPress page builder.
  • It equips you with pre-made page layouts.
  • Various useful design modules are available.
  • You can smoothly perform in-line test editing.

Divi Builder Pros

  • No need to learn coding skills.
  • Divi Builder is mobile-friendly.
  • It is a simple drag-and-drop website builder.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • You can develop customizable websites.

Divi Builder Cons

  • Divi has no popup builder.
  • Its working is a bit slow.
  • Content is stored as shortcodes.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another top page builder for WordPress development to make your life easy in 2021. WordPress website designing was not much straightforward as it is now with Beaver builder. With this WordPress website builder, you can develop a responsive website in minutes.

Over a million websites have already been created with this fantastic WordPress website builder. Beaver Builder comes with three different packages: standard, pro, and agency. Both professionals and beginners can effortlessly operate the Beaver builder.

Main Features of Beaver Builder

To save you from the complicated working of the back end, this WordPress website builder allows you to work on the front end. It makes it convenient to use and trouble-free. Beaver Builder has a lot of features to offer you:

  • No shortage of templates.
  • Hassle-free live editing.
  • Beaver is a front-end WordPress website builder.
  • Several pre-made page layouts are available.
  • Content modules implementation.
  • Backgrounds are available in the library.
  • You can avail yourself of multisite network settings.
  • Numerous shortcodes and widgets are available.

Beaver Builder Pros

  • Beaver Builder is mobile-friendly.
  • It works on every WordPress theme.
  • Beaver Builder develops the site SEO-friendly.
  • It is a simple drag-and-drop website builder.
  • There is a user-friendly interface.

Beaver Builder Cons

  • The loading process occurs frequently.
  • It has no option to create online forms.
  • Third-party Add-ons are too much expensive.

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery page builder makes it simple and convenient for you to build a fully-functioning WordPress website. This Page Builder is undoubtedly a top page builder for WordPress development to make your life easy in 2021.

It has a lot to offer to beginners who want to develop a WordPress website. If you need a high-performance WordPress page builder, then WPBakery page builder is worth considering.

Main Features of WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery page builder has a user-friendly interface. It is a simple drag and drop WordPress page builder, which makes it easy to use. With this type of WordPress page builder, you will find it convenient to design and customize your WordPress website. It has many other features:

  • WPBakery is a front-end WordPress page builder.
  • It comes with numerous landing page templates.
  • It provides you with hundreds of shortcodes.
  • You will get pre-designed site sections.
  • A mobile view and editing option are available.
  • There are many vector icons in the library.

WPBakery Page Builder Pros

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Customization is made easy.
  • Page building system works quickly.
  • Excellent customer support service.

WPBakery Page Builder Cons

  • You will have to provide an email to use the plugin.
  • Page builder’s features are less than required.

Divi vs. Elementor: Which is the perfect WordPress Website Builder for You?

Are you confused about opting between Divi vs. Elementor? Both Divi and Elementor are amazing WordPress website builders. That’s why they are on our list of the top page builder for WordPress development to make your life easy in 2021.

However, they vary in pricing and some features. To end your confusion, I will try and help you to opt between Divi vs. Elementor. I will present their comparison before you so that you can discover what is best for you. So, let’s get started.

Divi vs. Elementor: Similar Features

Although both are top-notch WordPress website builders, they vary in various features. Similarly, both provide some great features which you can’t resist. Let’s see similar features between Divi vs. Elementor:

  • Both are drag and drop website builders.
  • Both of them provide detailed design and style options.
  • There is a right-click support feature in both builders.
  • Both provide visual in-line editing features.

Divi vs. Elementor: Different Features

So, you already know the similar features between Divi vs. Elementor. Let’s take a look at their significant differences:

  • There is no popup builder in Divi. In contrast, Elementor provides its popup builder.
  • There is a built-in A/B testing system in Divi, but Elementor provides no such option.
  • Elementor comes in only as a plugin. At the same time, Divi comes as both a plugin and a theme version.
  • There is a more significant third-party marketplace in Elementor, but Divi lacks this feature.
  • Elementor has a free version, but Divi has only a premium version.

Beaver Builder vs. Elementor

Have you been wondering which to opt for between Beaver Builder vs. Elementor? Many developers have experienced that both Beaver Builder and Elementor work efficiently as WordPress page builders. That’s why they are mentioned in our list of the top page builder for WordPress development to make your life easy in 2021.

Choosing between Beaver Builder vs. Elementor is not an easy task. So to end your confusion, I will try and help you to opt between Beaver Builder vs. Elementor. The comparison that will be presented before you will let you discover what is best for you.

Beaver Builder vs. Elementor: Similarities

  • Both are simple drag-and-drop website builders.
  • The interface in both of these WordPress page builders is user-friendly.
  • Both are exceedingly easy and simple to use.
  • You can easily use both of these builders on all WordPress themes.
  • Both come with incredible price value for a reliable WordPress page development.

Beaver Builder vs. Elementor: Differences

  • The loading process frequently occurs in Beaver Builder. In comparison, Elementor works quickly.
  • Customer support for Beaver Builder is top-notch, and Elementor’s customer support service needs improvement.
  • There is no schema option for the header builder in Elementor. In contrast, Beaver Builder provides a schema option.

Why Should You Use A WordPress Page Builder?

WordPress page builders are extremely common these days, as are the themes that use them. If you’re new to the platform, however, you may not know what page builders are or how you can help create websites more effectively by using one. Page builders are tools designed to help you build complex websites faster, even if you don’t have any web design or development experience.

You will be able to create sites that rival what many professionals would do, using the right solutions. Plus, you’re not going to need to spend thousands of dollars and months on the operation. Page builders are tools that can, without having to deal with any coding, help you develop websites. They offer you a set of pre-built elements that you can add to all of your pages in most instances.

Imagine that you want to add a form on your contact page, for instance. You can add a contact form to your site within a matter of minutes by using the correct page builder. Without touching a single line of code, you can also add all the fields you want.

Page builders work by offering you lots of pre-built components, as we described earlier. These elements are called ‘modules’ or ‘blocks’ much of the time. What’s more, for most page builders, the way they work remains quite similar. Separate the page you are working on using rows first, and then fill in those rows using modules that you can select from a list.

In most cases, you’ll be able to adjust obvious aspects of a module’s style, such as the colors it uses, its scale, and the like. Some modules, however, provide more advanced settings for customization.


These were some of the best WordPress page builders. I hope this article was worth reading for you to find the top page builder for WordPress development to make your life easy in 2021. For your ease in choosing the top page builder, I presented before you a thorough comparison between Divi vs. Elementor and Beaver Builder vs. Elementor.

Now you will find it easy to start working with the perfect Drag and Drop Website Builder. Page builders for WordPress are important tools. With a little practice, within a fraction of the time it will take to create one from scratch, you would be able to build stylish and usable websites. A WordPress world without page builders is almost difficult to imagine.

Offering a page builder is almost a given in the feature arms race of the major WordPress theme developers. Once you’ve settled on one WordPress page builder, if you want to switch to another one later or shift your WordPress theme even without a page builder, you should expect to spend a lot of time.


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